How to Watch a Football Game – A Guide For Women

As football season gets closer, there’s just one day that football fans think is the most enjoyable days of their week The day they consider the best is Saturday. It’s game day for them and that involves drinking, eating junk food, and admiring the cheerleaders of the team. Of course, there are others who have a similar experience. They get up each Saturday morningto looking forward to the game and are aware of as much about statistics as the players do. Be sure to say hello to the female fans who are in the crowd!

They love partying just as much, and, if they’re well-versed in the sport they’ll know which of the top football players are. One thing which differentiates women from men during the football season is their dress code. Men may dress with a loose jersey or even an unadorned top coated in body paint and nobody would think about it. If women did the same, she wouldn’t just hinder traffic, but create a head-on collision!

We’ve got you covered with the most important 10 rules and dos for the football season that is about to begin. Find out which category you’re into!


Don’t: Wear your bra visible through the loose fitting tank top. It’s unattractive.

DO: We understand that it’s scorching hot in the sun, and you’re trying to dress in minimal clothes. However, ladies, it’s an undergarment to be worn. It’s best to wear it under your clothing , and should not be noticeable to anyone! If you’re in need of additional support beneath your tank top Why not consider an unisex bikini with the colors of your school?


Don’t: Buy an over-sized shirt and cut it into pieces. You could end with a damaged jersey and then losing the money you used to purchase it. You’ll be you’re left with nothing to wear.

DO: Let’s face it You’re probably not a fashion-conscious designer. Spending the money to purchase an item only to cut it up and run the risk of that it won’t be made in the way you envisioned it would be a bit frustrating. Why not just leave it to the experts? Miss Fanatic offers excellent jersey tops specifically designed to be a perfect fit for women’s bodies. Take a look at the Free Agent jersey tube top that is absolutely stunning!


DO NOT: Wear shoes that are dangerous for the game, such as stilettos.

DO: Okay, some schools believe in tradition, and that means dressing for games. But what about pumps? Do you think you’ll stay for six hours wearing pumps? We didn’t think that way. Ladies, wear comfortable sandals or sneakers and if you truly require the added height, grab a pair of wedges that are safer. There are still trendy wedges if you’re worried about looking unprofessional. However, the reality is that nobody will be watching your feet.


DO NOT: Believe that your skin is immune towards the sun.

DO: Make sure you wear sunscreen when you go to games; it can make a difference! What you don’t want is to spend the entire day only to walk into the stadium in a state of being tomato. Even when it’s not hot out, the sun’s UV rays will still be able to reach you. You’ll be praising the gods of sunscreen when you look at your friends who appear like they’ve been cultivating potatoes all daylong, while you’re completely sun-free!

Short Shorts

DO NOT: Wear shorts that are too small or have a ride-up.

Do ADVISE: Tailgating is a social occasion Ladies. Don’t dress in cut-up shorts that display your strengths or lack of. It’s okay to wear shorts but make sure they’re appropriate enough รีวิวเว็บแทงบอล ดีมากๆ that the woman sitting across from you isn’t smiling and pointing. This is embarrassing! Try checking out Blitz skirt made by Miss Fanatic. It’s like the bottom of a football player’s. You’ll be able to maintain your sex appeal , but in a more appropriate manner!