Increase Vertical: 4 Steps to Jump Higher

Explosiveness is everything, when sprinting towards your goal, obtaining a low center of gravity and bounding towards success. Whether you’re playing on a court, field, or even landing on a mat, every true athlete knows. You can never be great, or even play better without having an established core. We are all about improving performance, building healthy muscle, increasing agility, and raising vertical leap. Play better when you know that nothing is holding you back. When you reach that point when fatigue starts to set in you know that you’ll still be able to maintain performance.

When training to increase your explosiveness you can never forget about moderation. It’s great to be motivated and go at it every free second you have, but despite your enthusiasm try to only go through drills 4 or 5 days per week. If you try and work at it seven days a week you may get discouraged and give up. That’s not what we want. We want to establish a habit of preparing to be good. If you can do our drills 4 or 5 days per week, then after a while it’ll turn into a habit for weeks and even months later. Consistency is the key.

Lets not forget why we train to increase our performance and to increase our vertical!


Getting the ball set by your teammate you dash towards the net, your legs feeling lighter than they ever have. Anticipating the height of the ball as it comes to its peak. You jump 10 inches higher than you ever have before. The court becomes your playground as you look down at the libero on the other side of the net. The volleyball comes crashing down at everyone’s feet, having hit your forearm seconds earlier. You finally land as your teammates run to you with praise. Everyone knows what it takes to be good at volleyball, football, basketball, or even track.


The football is snapped, then tossed in your direction and everything gets slow. You hear your feet taking quick agile steps. The sweat from your helmet is stuck to your forehead, but you don’t care because the game is everything. You’ve put way to much effort into improving your performance this past off season to let a little perspiration stop you. You see your opportunity and you seize it faster than you’ve ever grabbed anything in your life. An opponent rushes towards you to re-obtain your prize. Your hips sink, knees hinge, toes flex and you explode upwards. Your cut startles your foe as he flies by you, You land and sprint forward having ran, stopped, cut and jumped 10 inches higher than you’ve ever been able to before. After the games over your teammates congratulate you and your coaches are pleased with your improvement. Everyone knows what it takes to be great at football, volleyball, basketball, or even track.


You’re dribbling into position, then run through a pick. You pass the basketball out to your teammate he gives you a nod. You know what that means, you sprint to the top of the key through a screen dash towardsสมัครเว็บ ufabet the basket and elevate. No one has ever seen you jump this high before. You’d practice this play all week to debut it at your first home game. The ball leaves your teammates hands headed towards the basket. Before it gets there you catch it pull back and land. Everyone is yelling and in shock. You just smirk and get back on defense because that alley-oop is just another part of your arsenal now. You improved your vertical by 10 inches before this season, got faster, and trained because you knew what it takes to play better.

Do not forget to warm up and stretch before any exercise. It will cut back on your muscle fatigue later on, and who doesn’t enjoy not being sore. A great way to warm up is jumping rope. It not only prepares the body for agility, it also is very beneficial to your vertical ability.