My Boy and His Football Friends Can Make Bows, Can You?

What is the first image that comes to your mind when I say bows? Do you think of cute little girls in pigtails and bows sitting on the top of each one? Do you think of Bozo the clown and his big bowtie around his neck? Maybe Christmas presents so elegantly wrapped with such fancy bows that you do not want to even open the box because you do not want to ruin the neatly wrapped package.

Somehow I am guessing that the imag เว็บแทงบอลปลอดภัย ufabet  e I am about to tell you about was not one that you thought of! Did you by any chance picture the freshmen football team sitting around a kitchen table laughing and having a good time making bows? Not possible you say, this was the exact scene at my house over the weekend. The boys had a blast and they were not embarrassed in fact quite the opposite they were taking pictures of each other with their cell phones and sending them to their girlfriends and were very proud of what they were accomplishing. I always wanted girls but I was not blessed with any. So to tap into my female side, I decided to start a small business and make bows that I would sell to my neighbors or give away as gifts to all my friends that of course got all the girls. I had just received a big order of ribbon I had ordered off the internet on Friday. Saturday night I laid them all out on the table with my hot glue guns and went to work. The boys came into the kitchen of course wanting food but they were more interested in what I was doing and started asking a gazillion questions. I finally said enough with the questions. If you are so interested sit down and make some, figure it out. By the time the evening was through I had over 100 bows to put in my collection and they had made some to give to their girlfriends or little sisters. It was a memory I will cherish for a lifetime.