So Much For “Team Spirit”

Recently, I’ve read several comments on the Internet about Croatia that question the Croatian people’s honesty overall. Apparently, Croatian people deserve that kind of government which deceives its nation in every aspect because ordinary Croatian people would do the same thing if they were in some powerful position. After more Internet researching, I came to the conclusion that if a person in Croatia holds some position with any leverage whatsoever, he would take advantage of it for making some malversation in his own interest. It seems this is true, especially when we look at current sport incidents in Croatia.


The two biggest incidents in sports ราคาต่อรองบอล ufabet that happened this month in Croatia are essentially about corruption and dishonesty. The first incident happened a few days ago when the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) discovered a series of irregularities in the Croatian Football League. The UEFA suspects a system of “fixing” football matches in our league, but to be fair this is a suspicion in other leagues as well – for example, in the Champions League or the European League. Moreover, they suspect that fixing football matches is one of the most profitable branches of organized crime throughout Europe. The question is why is this happening?

Now we come back to the point that a person in a powerful position becomes greedier, and wants more money, and he is doing everything to earn it. When we examine this problem a little bit deeper we can say it is easier to earn more money from fixing football matches than even from prostitution or drug trafficking. Those latter two business plans are riskier, and they are long-term money machines i.e. it takes more time to earn some money from it. And let’s not forget that if you get caught with a truckload of heroine you will be sentenced many more years in prison than for fixing a sports match. So, it is logical that organized crime would get into the match-fixing business. It is so profitable, and relatively simple. People from organized crime bribe and corrupt players, or the club’s directors and owners, to make their club lose on purpose. Sometimes it’s the club owners who then influence the players, other times it’s the players themselves who fix a game by playing a bad game on purpose. But before they have their bad game, they put big money at the betting window against their own club. So much for “team spirit” and morale.