Women’s Prescription Safety Glasses – All You Need to Know

There is no doubt that safety glasses for women are no longer the bland, boring and tasteless. They are more fashionable now. But still maintains the safety part. Women’s safety glasses aren’t just about the pink. Manufacturers would simply have the frames colored pink and label them “women safety glasses.” That’s in the past!

The manufacturers have stepped up their game, and decided to offer women with quite a number of options to pick from. There are more colors. More designs. And several sizes. The safety eyewear for women has made it easier for female workers feel more comfortable completing their tasks. And even for the DIY stay-at-home moms are feeling safer wearing these specially-made glasses.

The belief that one size fits all is long gone. Women also need safety glasses that appeal to their demands, as well as offering an alternative or better fit than the traditional glasses. Despite all that, it shouldn’t be mistaken that the safety glasses aren’t “safe” enough. As a matter of fact, the glasses are exactly the opposite – very safe. This is because women’s prescription safety glasses adhere to the required safety standards.

The Required Eyeglass Standards

Before the glasses are released for sale, the china safety glasses suppliers manufacturers make sure that they are assessed by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which has been obligated with the task of making sure that safety glasses are at par with safety requirements. And to make things even more interesting, the OSHA is working alongside the ANSI (American National Standards Institute), which is a private and a non-profit organization. The two organizations guarantee quality and safety standards for prescribed glasses.

Most newly-made prescription safety glasses for women have been tailored in such a manner that they protect women better. For instance, the glasses come with increased coverage around the eye, and oftentimes feature reducing gaps, which makes the glasses hazards-free.